Ruminations Episode IX: The 2010s

Happy New Year from Ruminations! To celebrate the start of 2020 and the end of the 2010s, we talk* about 10 of our favorite movies from a decade that wasn’t all that great when it came to cinema. (At least in our opinions, but our opinions are Correct.) Stick around for some honorable mentions!

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*To avoid spoilers, check out the timecode for each of our movie discussions:
– The Rite – 3:15-5:15
– The Conjuring – 5:15-12:05
– This is the End – 12:05-17:00
– The Wolf of Wall Street – 17:00-22:38
The VVitch – 22:38-32:45
– Gods of Egypt – 32:45-37:00
– Rogue One: A Star Wars Story – 37:00-44:50
– The Death of Stalin – 44:50-49:50
– Thor: Ragnarok – 49:50-54:00
– Hereditary – 54:00-1:02:10

To hold you over until we post full show notes, here is that horrifying photoshopped picture of Chris in his attic that we mentioned while discussing Hereditary:


“Sanctuary of the Sky Gods” by Nathaniel Wyvern, CC BY 4.0 via

Intro quotes:
The Big Lebowski (Gramercy Pictures)
Inglourious Basterds (The Weinstein Company)
Goldfinger (United Artists)
Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl (Buena Vista Pictures)
The Shining (Warner Bros)
The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring (New Line Cinema)
Game of Thrones (Warner Bros/HBO)

Song credit:
“Grandmaster Jam Session” by Mark Mothersbaugh (from Thor: Ragnarok)

Featured Image credit:
Composite image/FLIPP, featuring stills from The Conjuring, Gods of Egypt, The Grand Budapest Hotel, Hereditary, Mandy, Rogue One, Thor: Ragnarok, The Witch, and The Wolf of Wall Street 

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